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Our School Values

We celebrate and teach different values through the curriculum and shared assemblies.

Assemblies are a coming together of pupils and teachers in one place for a shared purpose. Our shared purpose each week is the value that all pupils across the school are learning about.

Each value is taught over a period of three weeks. During this time the pupils will have many teaching and learning opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding of the value. A certificate is awarded every week for a child in each class that demonstrates and displays a real grasp of this value.

This year we have ten different values that we will be learning about. In addition to these values we will also be learning about and celebrating five British Values. During each half term we will have one week dedicated to a British Value. To celebrate the pupils understanding of this value they could be awarded a certificate and their work will be proudly displayed. For more information on British Values please see the British Values page.

You can support your child’s learning at home by discussing these values and the work they have completed about them.

The values for this academic year are:

Autumn 2015





British Value Focus – Democracy & Tolerance

Spring 2016




British Value Focus – Mutual Respect

More information

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