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Prospective Parents - September 2023 

For children starting school in September 2024

All our school tours are now finished.  Please email tours@eppingprimary.sch.uk if you have questions about admissions.


We are very pleased that you are interested in requesting a place for your child at our school. The school has a Pupil Admission of 60 for each year group and Essex County Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring that every child has a place at one of its schools. 

Essex County Council is the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Essex. This means that the council sets the oversubscription criteria and makes the decisions as to which pupils are admitted to these schools.

You can visit their website using the link below

Essex Admissions

Each School has a published admission number and other school admissions information as stated in the Primary Education Booklet each year.

This booklet can be found below:

Admissions booklets, policies and forms: Admissions booklets | Essex County Council

Application for Places:

Applications are dealt with directly by Essex County Council. 

To apply please click on the link below: 

Apply for a primary school place - Essex County Council

Tel: 0845 603 2200

E: admissions@essex.gov.uk

 In Year Admissions

If you are a parent/carer who is new to the area and wish your child to join the school in any other year group, or at a different time of the year, please contact Essex County Council School Admissions.

Tel: 0845 603 2200

E: admissions@essex.gov.uk

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