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School Communication Methods

As a school we use a variety of online systems with the parents and carers. 

We have recently swapped from Parentmail to Pupil Asset to send texts, emails and emailed letters from the school.

We also use an online booking system to arrange consultation evening times, book school clubs and to book tickets for school performances.

Pupil Asset

We are using the Pupil Asset system to send texts, emails and emailed letters from the school.  As long as you are using the email address and phone number we have on file for you you will still receive our messages and emails as before with Parentmail.

Pupil Asset can also be used for a number of other useful actions, the key ones include:

  • report absence and view attendance for your child(ren)
  • record lunches choices for up to three weeks in advance
  • download your child’s reports
  • confirm your child's attendance at events
  • update the information we, as a school, hold about you (address, email, etc)

To access Pupil Asset please click the logo below.

Pupil Asset are currently in the process of updating the Parent App and in preparation for this update, the current version of the Parent App is being removed from both Apple and Google Play stores.

If you have already downloaded this version of the App to your mobile device, this App will need to be uninstalled and instead, navigate to the Parent Portal viasecure.pupilasset.com on your mobile device’s browser where you can login using your existing login credentials. The Portal can also be accessed via a browser on a Laptop, PC or Mac.

The Parent Portal has a similar menu structure to the App where you will be able to view your pupil’s profile and access the features that your school has enabled.

For quick access, the Portal can be added to the home screen of your mobile device.

Online Booking System for Consultation Evenings, etc

For help with using this system for booking parent/carer consultation evening times please see our pictoral guide.

Access online booking system.