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Year 6 Netball Rally - a great success!

A really successful mini netball tournament took place on Monday, with 3 teams of 7 players playing each other in a league basis. Games lasted 15 minutes each and we were treated to some excellent netball skills by all players!

Supported by a keen and eager crowd of parents, carers and staff, the first game took a while to heat up before the Purple team's superior shooting skills saw them finish as 2-0 winners. Game 2 threw the Yellows into action against the unlucky Pinks, who quickly found themselves a goal down! Despite some tremendous defending the Pinks found their shooting boots to return 3 unanswered goals, winning the game 3-1.

The final game was a fast paced, end to end affair, where the deciding factor was the Purples' ability to somehow score from anywhere in the D! Yellows had plenty of scoring opportunities themselves but faced a 1-6 reverse.

A really fun tournament that was brilliantly supported. A big thanks to Hannah and Donna from the Friends for providing refreshments to our fabulous players!

1st Place PURPLES

2nd Place PINKS

3rd Place YELLOWS

Year 6 Netball Rally April 2023