Epping Primary School

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Year 6 Booster Sessions

As part of our catch-up, interventions and preparation towards the Y6 assessment tests (SATS), we will be running a series of before and after school groups.


Alder Class - Attendance recommended for all pupils

Grammar Group - Thursdays 8.15am - to start of school

Sycamore class -Attendance recommended for all pupils

Grammar Group - Fridays 8.15am - to start of school

Pupils will enter through the school office. These groups will start on the week beginning the 7thFebruary. These sessions will be run by Miss Jones

Maths arithmetic skills - Monday and Thursday end of school - 3.45pm

These sessions will be by invitation only which will be sent via Teams and will be run by Mr. Kuforiji

Pupils will leave via the main entrance; their existing collection arrangements will continue unless you ask for them to be different.

These sessions will run until the week beginning 21st March. If you have questions, please email your class teacher.