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Year 2 Boys Football Festival - such a great afternoon!

Mrs Sturman accompanied the Year 2 boys to the football festival at Shooters last week.  We think she had as good a time as the boys did! 

"After joining the school amid Covid restrictions, I was extremely lucky to join the Year 2 boys at the Football on Friday 30th September at ............ and finally get a feel for the amazing extra curricular activities the staff at Epping Primary work hard to ensure our pupils are a part of. 
I was of course a little apprehensive accompanying 25 boys to football but all that changed when we arrived.  With the excellent support of some wonderful parents and carers, that proudly cheered the pupils along with me, and the direction of our fantastic Sports Champion Ms Chaffe, I was soon all encompassed by the event (and a little competitive!).
My pride beamed to see the pupils of our school take on challenges head on, not just the physical task of the game but the challenge of taking loses as well as wins and being resilient when faced with defeat and modest in the face of  a win.  
Our Epping Team B made in to third in their pool, only missing out on a place in the finals by 5 points. Amongst such high competition it was team motivation and resilience that saw our pupils reach such a high ranking and we are beyond proud of their team spirit and determination. 
A big thank you to all staff that arranged the event and to the parents and carers that helped make it so fun on the day. "