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What our parents and carers say!

We know it's been a really difficult time, and we are very proud of our school community for how they have reacted and dealt with the situation. From pupils, to our hardworking parents and carers and of course our whole staff.

We have had some lovely feedback from parents too, which has really helped the teachers and staff's morale so thank you very much!

Message from parents/carers

I thought I would drop this e-mail to you all to say Thank You. 

I would imagine the last couple of weeks has been challenging in every aspect, and now that some of the children have returned,  presents a whole lot of other new challenges.
I just want to say that, as a family, we appreciate all you are doing and have done and thank you again."

This is just a quick line to say thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, during the pandemic.  The home learning has been consistently extensive and varied. Due to our circumstances we were not able to do as much of the work as I would have liked but I never felt under pressure to be doing more than we could manage. Ms H and Mrs C were so positive and encouraging and replied very quickly to everything our child submitted, which he was always so excited about. I am aware of other parents, who have been able to do more, that have said that the routine of the work  “kept them going” and gave their families a focus and structure.

The school has obviously worked exceptionally hard to provide education, information, support and reassurance whilst navigating the constantly evolving situation

When we decided to send our child back to school, I was reassured by the guidance given. He has loved being back at school. He enjoys telling us about the changes there. On arrival for the first day, the staff were so calm and positive towards both parents and children. I felt confident leaving him there despite how different it would be. When Miss G telephoned the day before, she sounded so enthusiastic and reassuring. Our child was very excited to know I had spoken to her

Thank you so much for these messages and all the other positive feedback we are receiving via email, twitter and on Class DoJo!

Stay Safe Everyone.