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Our Visit to the Epping COP26 Eco Conference

On Tuesday 2nd November our School and Eco councillors in Years 4, 5, and 6 were invited to St John’s Church by the Eco Committee of Epping St John’s School to take part in a conference about climate change and ways we can come together to tackle the issues.

It was so beautifully put together with lots of interactive things for the children to do. Our Year 6 councillors said:

We really enjoyed the convention, we have learnt a lot about climate change, habitat extinction and pollution. We learnt loads of very important facts about how we are destroying our world. One of the most interesting, was about chewing gum and how long it takes to degrade and what is actually in it! We loved learning, there was so much new information, we liked how we got to go around in groups and do lots of fun activities.’

For more about this wonderful event check out the recent article in the Epping Forest Guardian