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Messages from parents/carers - thank you!

Thank you to all parents and carers who have been sending us lovely messages of thanks and support. Here are just a couple of the ones that have been passed on by our Digital Parent Carer Forum from parents/carers in their whatsapp groups.

A comment from a keyworker:

The school has been great. Yes it is a lot of stuff that gets sent but we can pick what needs to be done and what our kids can cope with. Thank you also for my child's school days. They have been academic but also fun, with arts and crafts and sport.

And not at all rigid..Great teachers👍🎶

Message from a parent

I think that the work set has been great. Structured, varied, interesting, and just the right amount. The communication from Mrs Phillips has been excellent - really encouraging, and specific to my child. I’m very impressed with everything the school have done during this lockdown.

Thank you for these very positive messages - they are all passed onto the teachers and support staff and gave them a definite boost!