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Latest Eco and School Council News

From organising kindness stones and a wellbeing walk, to discussing caring for our fish and pond area, using the field more and aiming to eat more plant based foods our School and Eco Councils have had a great start to 2022 and have lots more plans going forwards.

Eco Council News

During our Eco Council meeting we discussed many interesting things, so here are some of them:

Growing Plants: As a group we thought about ’grow a plant’ to attract bees and birds or, ‘grow a fruit plant’ like a lemon or a strawberry plant.

Playtimes: We have decided that we are going to try to use the field more once the weather is drier and enjoy our surroundings.

Eating more plant-based food.: Another one of our ideas was to eat more fruit and vegetables. For some people this will be a challenge and that is why we want to do it. We want to eat more plant-based food and fruit.

Feeding the Fish: We also want to use the pond area a lot more. The Eco Council want classes to visit more and do work about the things we see there. But we are also going to start feeding the fish and caring for them more.

Posters about animals: Since we have adopted our WWE endangered animals. We going to encourage every class to design posters about the animal they adopted and how important it is to save them.

School Council News

In 2022 the School Council are planning on bringing some exciting initiatives including a competition for ‘Headteacher for the afternoon’ and a T-shirt decorating competition just before the Easter holidays, with the theme of Spring and new beginnings.

The School Council members did a well-being walk just before this half-term and placed our fabulous Kindness Rocks in safe places for people to find.

Keep a look out for the kindness rocks they are beautiful works of art with lovely uplifting messages for all.

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