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Friends Committee Update

We're delighted to say that there is now a NEW committee for this academic year so the Friends will be able to continue with their excellent fund raising which makes such a difference to our school.

Please join us in welcoming Tom Warmington, a parent from YF, to the role of Chair.  Ceri Margerison-Bird will be continuing her sterling work, but as Vice Chair this year.

Thank you to the rest of the committee as well - we really appreciate the hard work they do.

Treasurer: Perdeep Verdee Wells and Hannah McCann

Secretary: Donna Hourihan

Ordinary Member: Henny Caplan

Ordinary Member: Emma Holden

School Uniform: Vikki Sear

Don't forget they need YOUR help too, could you spare an hour here or there to help at Friends events, perhaps wrapping presents for the lucky dip or selling teas and coffees at school plays?  

Please get in touch with Tom, Ceri or any of the other Friends via your class teacher or the school office or by email on eppingfriends@gmail.com

Watch out for them on Twitter for lots of updates too..