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Easter Music Challenge - Pictures

Over the Easter holidays for a special Musical Mash-up challenge the pupils were asked to use various scraps or household items to combine and produce a homemade musical instrument.

Each year group used different musical skills, such as naming different musical instruments, improvising a simple rhythm and creating simple compositions. We were so happy to see the amazing effort children put into creating their homemade musical instruments, from guitars and shakers to xylophones and glass orchestras!

Well done and thank you to all children who took part, and congratulations to the very deserving winners! 

Oak - Jayden
Elm - Cici 
Beech - Emily 
Poplar - Matilda 
Pine - Robyn 
Aspen - Benjamin
Maple - Robyn 
Cherry - Evie 
Birch - Bianca 
Ash - Jamie