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Covid-19 - Information from the DfE

Following the government announcement of temporary changes to the testing and isolation guidelines, we felt it may be helpful to share the following information from the department of Education.

From Tuesday 11 January 2022 the following applies:

Asymptomatic (no symptoms)

The requirement for confirmatory PCR tests is to be temporarily suspended for asymptomatic positive lateral flow test results. You will be required to self-isolate immediately but do not have to take a confirmatory PCR test.

This is a temporary measure while COVID-19 rates remain high across the UK.

Showing Symptoms

Anyone who develops one of the three main COVID-19 symptoms should stay at home, self-isolate and take a PCR test.

They must self-isolate if they get a positive test result, even if they have had a recent negative lateral flow test - these rules have not changed.

Anyone who receives a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test result should report their result on Gov.uk and must self-isolate immediately.

After reporting a positive LFD test result, they will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace so that their contacts can be traced and must continue to self isolate.

In line with the reduced self-isolation approach announced on 22 December:

Anyone who tests positive will be able to leave self-isolation 7 days after the date of their initial positive test if they receive two negative LFD results, 24 hours apart, on days 6 and 7.

The DfE guidance has also been updated in line with the UKHSA announcement, and clarifies that children can return to school after day 7 if they have had two negative LFD tests.  See below for clarification.

Where possible we would encourage you to carry out LTD test regardless of symptoms, it is the best way we have of keeping our school community protected.

Please ensure you report all positive tests to the school via, app, email or phone. Please do not send children to school without testing if they display any symptoms.

We thank you all for your support and understanding in keeping our school community safe in these ever-changing times.

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