Epping Primary School

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Anti Bullying Fortnight

We will be holding an ‘Anti bullying fortnight’ in school starting next week from Monday 29thJanuary.  All year groups will be involved in activities to develop understanding of bullying, explore the issues surrounding bullying and to help identify ways to solve situations where bullying has occurred.  To further support the pupils’ learning a team from ‘Act On Info’ will be running workshops and assemblies.  During these sessions pupils will be able to explore issues around bullying through drama.  The pupil’s will be given time to reflect on their learning and consider how they will put this into practice through making a ‘promise’ or ‘pledge’.  They will bring these promises or pledges home to share with you alongside an information leaflet.


To round off our awareness focus, the pupils will be encouraged to wear ‘blue’ on Friday 9thFebruary to support our ‘Be True, Wear Blue’ theme.  We ask that all pupils participating in the non-school uniform day make a voluntary contribution of £1.  All donations will be used to help fund the PSHE workshops.


If you have any questions regarding this event please do not hesitate to ask.