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School Council News

Written by our outgoing Year Six School Council leads, Lucie and Owen - Summer 2021    

Christmas Food Bank collection

‘One of the things that the School Council has done this year if to organise a Christmas Food Bank collection. Each class had its own items to donate. Our school community donated an enormous amount (271kg) of Christmas treasures including: advent calendars, Christmas puddings, Christmas crackers, Christmas chocolate, gifts, toiletries and lots of tinned and cupboards foods. This helped local families in the Epping Forest Community have a nice Christmas. This was the message sent from the Manager of the Epping Forest Food Bank –

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the recent donation to the Foodbank. It all came to a whopping 271 kgs! That really is a fantastic amount of food which will go a long way to helping people in the community who are in need.

Many thanks once again for continuing to support us.

They also put our contribution on their twitter feed.

School Unity Day

We had a school Unity Day, on Friday 28th May. This day was planned by the School Council, we wanted to celebrate being back at school, in our school community. The whole school dressed up in different colours of the rainbow to display our school’s unity. We prepared a video that was shown to each class, in it we asked the pupils to think about what it meant to them being back at school. What they liked about being back, after putting up with home learning for so long and not being able to see their friends. Everyone realised how important school life was and how much they had missed it.  These are some of the comments children made:

It is motivating working with other children, doing the same work at the same time.

Enjoy being able to play with friends and having lots of outdoor space.

It is helpful and easier to learn when the teacher is with you throughout each lesson, and they are able to explain the tasks in person rather than on Teams.

Happy because you can see your friends, teachers and other adults in the school again.

Less worried because it's easier to work at school than at home.

Better learning – out teachers explain things to us in an easy way that helps us to understand

More activities happen in school like Red Nose Day, World Book Day, Earth Day and our Unity Day. can get celebrate these together and have fun in school.

School clubs

There is lots of fun equipment for us to use in school like paints, atlas’, arts and craft materials, sports equipment and the outdoor learning areas

School gives a beginning and end to the school day and time for learning which is good for our wellbeing. The routine helps us stay focused.

Learning Through Landscapes Grant

Recently we have been working on a new project  ‘Learning through Landscapes Grant’. We looked at various things that we could ask for, for Early Years and the rest of the school. These including a catapult and gardening equipment. These items, fingers crossed we are successful, will be left to the school as a sort of legacy from the current Year 6 who are leaving in just a 2 weeks.

It is something that we can be remembered for within the school, after spending 7 wonderful years at Epping Primary.

Lucie and Owen -  Year 6 Summer 2021