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Eco Council News

Written by our outgoing Year 6 Eco Councillors – Alice, Liam and Freddy - Summer 2021

We have all enjoyed making a difference environmentally to our school this year.  We have contributed to the Eco Council by attending regular meetings outside with Mrs Lansbury-Clarke in our role of Eco Leads.  Being part of the team has increased our confidence and raised our awareness.  We liked being in a group as it helped with our teamwork skills.

Single Use Plastic Reduction

During our time as eco leads we were able to contribute lots of ideas and our favourite was changing the plastic cutlery at lunchtime back to our metal cutlery.  We found a safe solution to putting our metal cutlery outside for collection by the kitchen staff and we were proud we saved the use of single use plastic in school.  We still have lots of ideas which we would like to implement but it has been challenging during the pandemic. 

Other Achievements

By writing to the Rotary Club of Epping we have achieved the opportunity of funding and this will be an on-going discussion.  Our biggest achievement this year was to be awarded the Green Flag Eco Schools Award, we worked together to ensure we had completed an environmental review and then we could create an action plan. We took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch during lockdown.  When we returned to school each class grew a plant from seed to increase biodiversity, we took part in Switch Off fortnight, and we are now part of the Walkers Crisps recycling incentive.

Future Plans

We would like in the future to have a full eco council where they check regularly on classrooms at lunchtime to ensure all the lights are off etc.  This is now being carried out by classroom eco monitors.  We would also like another fundraising bake sale to raise money for eco projects.

Being an Eco lead has increased our understanding and educated us further on issues that we can make a difference to.  We have learnt that big challenges can be overcome if we all work together and make an effort.

The biggest lesson we have all learnt is that the environment is the most important thing and we should treasure it.

We look forward to using our eco skills in our new school next year.

Alice, Liam and Freddie – Year 6 Summer 2021